Update #75

05 March 2021

🌊 1. By processing the application to the City of Zurich, we  were able to realign our goals, measures and services

🔗 2. Our focus is to develop for food producers and grocery stores a merchandise management system linked with their own online shop

🖌 3. With Adobe Xd we are designing a mock-up

🌈 4. We are in contact with the food organizations and looking forward to start a co-creative process by sending the mock-up upon completion

🌎 5. We successfully submitted our event to Digital Week Milano. Now we are in the process of setting up the event page and preparing social media posts for promotion.

🌱 6. We evaluate with Steph from LocalScale whether and how a cooperation can look like 

🌐 7. We got an awesome feedback from the Holochain Community