Exploring the Multiverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Exploring the Multiverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Update #107

23. September 2021

❤️/💸  1. Our team had an important exchange about transparent communication about money & our feelings. So that we can appreciate & reward our work benevolently we are asking ourselves what everyone needs so that everyone can flourish with Lightwave

🖌 2. Dominik & Johannes have finished the Lightwave logos – thanks for co-creating

📸 3. Lucas, Raphi & Johannes set up a photo studio at Lucas to find out what it takes for professional product images – it was great fun!

🌐 4. Fabienne has organized an exchange with all direct marketing platforms in Switzerland – FeldzuTisch & BioSuisse are interested in exploring & possibly working with us

🌱 5. David, Fabienne & Johannes met for Koopernikus: The Zoom room is now open every Thursday for everyone who is interested in co-creating Koopernikus. We live as well the culture of open communication about money & feelings.

🌓 6. Marilu, Laura & Johannes had a great Equinox event and we want this community and the connection to lovely people to grow through events

Update #106

16. September 2021

1. 💻 Isa is coding the User Service

2. 🌱 We had a Koopernikus meeting to discuss our logo, flyer & project plan. We will meet regularly once a month

3. ✨ We submitted the application to the city of Zurich – wish us luck!

4. 🖌 Dominik & Johannes have continued to design drafts of a new Lightwave logo

5. 🌐 Raphi & Johannes presented the latest Lightwave update to David & the Holochain Community

6. 💸 Laura, Isa, Raphi & Johannes had the first Lightwave Finance Call to discuss how we can best use the money. We rely on an open, transparent communication & accounting

7. 🌗 We support Marilu at the Autumn Equinox Ceremony to build heart connections & evolve our culture with events for pachamama & humankind

8. 📒 Johannes handed over the founding documents to Patrick & discussed how FoodCoops can network with Lightwave

9. 📄 We will submit an application to Clima Now

10. 🔦 David, Raphi & Johannes went over the Mission Model Canvas & reminded the importance of data transparency about money & goods flows

Update #105

8. September 2021

💻 1. Isa has completed the Product-Vendor Relation Service and will be deployed, Tibor is currently programming the Order Service

🖌 2. Dominik & Johannes have designed drafts of a new Lightwave logo

📱3. Isa & Johannes designed a UI for the supplier app

🌈 4. Laura & Johannes envisioned that events/festivals on sustainability & spirituality can become part of Lightwave to connect people on a personal way

🌊 5. Holi & Johannes have exchanged similar ideas as well as opportunities to finance the Holochain development with a Holochain friendly foundation

🌎 6. Dennis and Johannes exchanged the possibility of integrating an academic study with Koopernikus with the WFSC Ambassador program to research food structures in other cities in South Europe

📃 7. We have revised the last details of the project plan and can finally submit it to the City of Zurich

📸 8. Lucas and Johannes were in Zollfrei making product pictures – we will team up with Raphi to see want are the best conditions to make pictures

Update #104

30. August 2021

🤝 1. Pico has committed to start-up funding. Pico takes over the bills for the food orders of our community Jupiterhaus until end of the year and the community sends the money to Lightwave. Thank you Jupiterhaus and Pico for this collaboration ❤️

💻 2. Tibor and Isa have successfully deployed the Verdor service in our back-end

📃 3. David and Johannes further developed the application to the City of Zurich and integrated the input from Michel from Ernährungsforum Zürich

🌞 4. David and Johannes have completed the flyer of Koopernikus and are ready to send it to interested parties and foundations

🖌 5. Dominik and Johannes continued to work on the Koopernikus logo

📸 6. Welcome Lucas! He and Johannes selected the photos from the shoot  – turned out very well for the first time!

Update #103

23. August 2021

💻 1. Isa has migrated the vendor service to GraphQL and can be deployed

🌞 2. As part of the ETH World Food Systems Summer School Stakeholder Panel, we had the opportunity to present Koopernikus and Lightwave to answer questions from a variety of people from all over the world

📸 3. Lucas and Johannes took product pictures together at Zollfrei. We experimented with natural & light elements. It was fun

🤝 4. David and Johannes have drawn up a list of members with possible organizations that can join us

📃 5. We had a good conversation with Ernährungsforum Forum Zürich (EFZ) & Ernährungsrat Freiburg. With EFZ we will possibly submit an application together to the City of Zurich

🖌 6. Dominik and Johannes have found a symbol for the logo for Koopernikus – will continue to work on it

Update #102

13. August 2021

❤️ 1. We started with the preservation of groceries from Gut Rheinau, which we resell to our community of Jupiterhaus to finance us. Thanks again to Jupiterhaus & Gut Rheinau for the cooperative collaboration

🌊 2. Raphi, Laura & Johannes met other communities, producers & food coops through the Global Ecovillage Network Suisse Summer Camp. Many have expressed their interest to become part of Lightwave

💫 3. Isa & Tibor have successfully deployed the Product Service & connected it to our UI

🌞 4 . Johannes bundled all important information from Koopernikus & Lightwave & went through it with David

🚛 5. David & Johannes soon meet with Beat to go through the concept together & to pick up the last document for the founding documents from Koopernikus

🌱 6. David and Johannes are preparing a flyer for a foundation that would provide funds through the Fintan Foundation

🤝 7. Fabienne invited us to evaluate to make a submission of an application to the city of Zurich together with Lebens.Mittel.Punkte Freiburg

Update #101

28. July 2021

🌊 1. We’re back from vacation!

📱2. Isa, Tibor & Johannes discussed the next steps for IT: We manually deploy the database, product & vendor service. As soon as it is available, we connect it to our UI. Then we start a few test runs

🗳 3. Urban Equipe is interested in a discussion on how we can combine the marketplace with a participatory budgeting model. They already have a lot of experience with it through Quartieridee Wipkingen

✍️ 4. Johannes had a good conversation with Dominik Waser from rampe21 & collected the signatures for Koopernikus. 

🌱 5. We participate in the marketplace calls around the SEEDS community to see how we can co-create together

🚀 6. We are applying to the City of Zurich & ClimateNow

🌐 7. We got invited to the Holochain in Action group 

🍏 8. Johannes met with Holger to see how Lightwave could be established with his project in the Bioregion of Lake Constance

Update #100

14. July 2021

🔨 1. Tibor is deploying the vendor & product service on the new database 

🍔 2. Raphi & Johannes helped Leander & Hazelburger again to make delicious vegan hamburger. During the cooking we discussed the changes around Lightwave and how Birchhof with their logistic infrastructure could be a part of Koopernikus

📃 3. Johannes met Beat from Pico to collect the founding documents of Koopernikus

🤝 4. Beat supports the changes within Koopernikus & Lightwave. With David we will discuss further steps

🗳 5. We are looking forward to contact Urban Equipe & the network behind to get insights how their system could be used for the DAO

🌱 6. We will present soon Lightwave to the SEEDS/Samara Community

Update #99

10. July 2021

💻 1. Isa has completed the Vendor & Product Service so that Tibor can deploy it on a new database

🌊 2. Johannes visited David at Gut Rheinau. To collect the founding documents of Koopernikus & to have a clarifying discussion on how Lightwave & Koopernikus can work together: Lightwave.ch provides a B2B & B2C marketplace as well as the DAO. Koopernikus provides a legal framework & tools for IT, logistics and communication as a service provider for producers and processors

🤝 3. Raphi and Johannes had a good conversation with Jasmin from Transition Zurich. She supports us in communicating the marketplace in the newsletter, handing over the social media channels & integrating Links to the marketplace on the Transition Zurich map. Thanks <3 

🌐 4. Johannes talked to Christof & Tara about the changes of Lightwave. We realized that it would make more sense if we had a neutral, decentralized DAO. But in order to find clarity there, we will start a working group to find out what should be relevant in the DAO

Update #98

5. July 2021

👋 1. Welcome all! Great to see a resonance between Lightwave, Seeds/Samara & Holochain communities 

🌞2. Greetings from our new Lightwave office! We would like to thank Jupiterhaus for the opportunity. From here we can make a better contribution to Lightwave and with that to humanity and Pachamama

🔨 3. Isa continued to work on the micro services and data infrastructure. Together we went through her prepared presentation to see how the flow of goods influences which changes in the database