Update #89

04 May 2021

🚛 1. Raphi and Johannes visited Beat and Mara from PicoBio in Dietikon to get to know them better. Beat gave us a tour of his impressive warehouse. Afterwards we had lunch with him and his daughter Mara with a long exchange about Koopernikus, digitization, communities, certification of food & the food market in general. 

🌐 2. With Beat we worked out that an interface between PicoBio’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and the Koopernikus database makes sense to simplify data transfer.   

🔗 3. Members of Koopernikus use different merchandise management systems/ERPs. This means that in parallel to building the basic platform, we will need time and energy to program the interfaces to their respective merchandise management systems/ERPs (If it exists) for a successful data transfer. 

🧾 4. We have created a list of components that are needed to successfully launch Koopernikus to assess how much time and money we will need