Update #91

20 May 2021

👋 1. We welcome Laura back to our team! After a 1 year hiatus to await the technical development of Lightwave, Laura returns to help with project management, public relations and finances. 

🧾 2. Each of us has chosen his or her task from the list of tasks for the Koopernikus Platform & Lightwave in general. Isa, Laura and Johannes went through the selected tasks in order to get a feeling of what kind of processes we are facing.

🔭 3. Have sent an application to the Prototype Fund from the Mercator Foundation. To promote the development of the tools of the participatory budget based on a blockchain and to integrate it in the marketplace (B2C) over the long term.

📯 4. Johannes exchanged ideas with Patricia Matzdorf from WWF / One Planet Hub. Patricia has offered as soon as we start test runs with the B2C marketplace and the participatory budget, she supports us as a communication multiplier in the WWF / One Planet Hub network.