Update #100

14 July 2021

🔨 1. Tibor is deploying the vendor & product service on the new database 

🍔 2. Raphi & Johannes helped Leander & Hazelburger again to make delicious vegan hamburger. During the cooking we discussed the changes around Lightwave and how Birchhof with their logistic infrastructure could be a part of Koopernikus

📃 3. Johannes met Beat from Pico to collect the founding documents of Koopernikus

🤝 4. Beat supports the changes within Koopernikus & Lightwave. With David we will discuss further steps

🗳 5. We are looking forward to contact Urban Equipe & the network behind to get insights how their system could be used for the DAO

🌱 6. We will present soon Lightwave to the SEEDS/Samara Community