Update #104

30 August 2021

🤝 1. Pico has committed to start-up funding. Pico takes over the bills for the food orders of our community Jupiterhaus until end of the year and the community sends the money to Lightwave. Thank you Jupiterhaus and Pico for this collaboration ❤️

💻 2. Tibor and Isa have successfully deployed the Verdor service in our back-end

📃 3. David and Johannes further developed the application to the City of Zurich and integrated the input from Michel from Ernährungsforum Zürich

🌞 4. David and Johannes have completed the flyer of Koopernikus and are ready to send it to interested parties and foundations

🖌 5. Dominik and Johannes continued to work on the Koopernikus logo

📸 6. Welcome Lucas! He and Johannes selected the photos from the shoot  – turned out very well for the first time!