Update #108

03 October 2021

🌊 1. Our team had an open conversation about our finances & the status quo of our project: We would like to use more of our creative anger & manifestation power to focus on bringing the complete IT of Lightwave to earth together

💸 2. So that Tibor can reduce 20% in the other job in order to better help Isa with programming the back-end, he & his girlfriend Seulgi receive 600 euros a month from the Lightwave account

🗳 3. Johannes met with Antonia & Lars from Urban Equipe. We stay in contact to see what can come together in the area of the DAO / Paritzpative budget for sustainable projects

📬 4. We applied to Climat Now – wish us luck!

📸 5. Lucas, Raphi & Johannes took product pictures of fresh food from Gut Rheinau at Zollfrei

🧮 6. Raphi & Johannes talked about the data structure for photos, so that it can best be reached via SEO & is well suited for data analysis

🌻 7. At Koopernikus we decided to request an Alliance Grant from SEEDS & request a loan of CHF 30,000 from Gen Rheinau