Update #110

08 October 2021

🌊 Hello everyone!

🎥 We share our next VLOG!

📸 In this video I take you with me while I spend the day with Lucas and discuss product pictures for Lightwave with him and Raphael.
More about Lucas Photography at: https://driveon-photography.com

🥗 I also introduce Koopernikus and Gut Rheinau (https://www.gutrheinau.ch) and talk about what a privilege it is to be able to eat so sustainably.

🚀 We’re looking forward to the journey of creating a vibrant community, culture and network around Lightwave and striving for the stars.

❤️ We love you all so much and hope to see you next time!

🌊 Hugs,
Johannes, Laura and Raphael from Lightwave