Update #115

29 October 2021

🌊 1. Here is the latest version of  the Lightwave b2b online marketplace for regional and sustainable food

🎥 2. We started a VLOG to share our everyday life and culture from Lightwave

💫 3. We met at the monthly meeting of the Sinnraum with the Koopernikus cooperative. Johannes shared a recap of the past 4 months

🖌 4. We meet every Wednesday at 10 a.m. for product development. This is a space where we can integrate the needs  of all members into the design

🗳 5. In the last 2 weeks we worked out the decision-making process in the Koopernikus workroom. This gives us the basis to work together more as a group in the future.

🙏 6. Unfortunately we were not accepted by Climat Now