Update #117

22 November 2021

💻 1. We are making progress with the technical implementation of Lightwave

🖌 2. In co-creation within Koopernikus we get good feedback to develop the design further

🌱 3. We create a value working group to find out together which values and their parameters exist to create them digitally and use them as new money

🎞 4. New video is out on our VLOG: It’s about Participatory Budgeting

📃 5. The statutes & the founding protocol of Koopernikus are changed in order to successfully register the cooperative at the commercial register

🏬6. Zollfrei (Zero Waste Cafeshop) has invited us to co-create the future of the place together

⚖️ 7. We have an appointment with Startzentrum to get legal advice