Update #41

01 September 2020

🗺 1. You can find the current version of the prototype at https://www.yourgatsby.de 🙂 Tibor & Isabel continue programming on the back-end & UI. With the main focus on the map

🖼 2. At https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Lg6ympRs6NSWM-EQI1pONwRSSCKTWk1m?usp=sharing I store the original files of the images & icons from the MVP

🛒 3. Have discussed the technical possibility that we can establish a connection between the individual online shop and the simultaneous appearance on our marketplace

🌊 4. We also discussed something about strategic and financial opportunities: Among other things, to set up our own pillar as an online shop service provider parallel to fundraising at foundations - Then we got the DAO from Lightwave (https://client.aragon.org/# / lightwave) including the presentation to get a feel for what a participatory budget can look like. With the idea that we can better convince organizations & end customers to create together