Exploring the Multiverses

The official Lightwave Blog 

Exploring the Multiverses

The official Lightwave Blog 

Update #148

24. January 2023

🌊 1. Lightwave updates are coming monthly again!

🌻 2. From Oct 22-Jan 23 we were heavily involved in the Koopernicus campaign.

🌟 3. We have 35 new cooperative members and 55 companies interested in on boarding our platform. About this one Link you can be part of it too.

🎥 4. Produced a crowd investing video. Link.

📣 5. We rocked 16 info events in the city of Zurich, in the countryside and online.

✉️ 6. We have a newsletter with Koopernikus, Pico and Gut Rheinau with about 1200 organizations and individuals. Link

💻 7. We have created a schedule for IT development and Simon is working 20% on Lightwave from March.
🚜 8. We develop modules for product management and harvesting lists. Then we are ready for a test run at Gut Rheinau.

🚛 9. Together with Beat (Pico), David (Gut Rheinau) we work out the effective costs to better design a business plan.


20. December 2022

Hello, everyone! After a long campaign from October to December with many events, we are happy to finally share the video with you. 🌊🌻

We will be grateful if you can share it with your friends, family and through your social media.

If you want to become a part of Koopernikus and support Lightwave, you can buy cooperative shares or help us with a donation - we look forward to a lively network and thank you for any kind of support ❤️

Weitere Infos: https://koopernikus.ch

Update #147

30. September 2022

📣 1. Our campaign planning is in full swing!

🌻 2. We are currently planning videos and events, compiling contact lists, enquiring with communication partners as well as designing the website, flyers and posters.

💻 3. IT: Our back-end is taking shape and finally connected to the front-end. The first data is available on the database. The data importing system is being refined.

🤝 4. We’re exchanging with the city and canton of Zurich as well as with other direct marketing platforms to possibly cooperate at level of IT and logistics.

❤️ 5. We’re saying goodbye to Isa with a lot of gratitude in our hearts. Thank you for your joyful presence and your contribution to Lightwave. We wish you all the best for your writing career! #wearesystemchangers #wirsindsystemwandler

🌟 6. We invite you to our next events in October: 6-7.10 48 H Agrarökologie; 27.10 Koopernikus stellt sich vor. More info to follow. 48 H Agrarökologie; 27.10 Koopernikus stellt sich vor. Weitere Infos folgen.

Update #146

2. September 2022

🌊 We are back with lots of news from August.

🖥 1. We are getting closer to being able to do a test order with Gut Rheinau through us. We are working on Sprint #1: Connecting the product list between the back-end & front-end. The data import and the data are ready.

📣 The campaign preparation is in full swing:

🕸 2. We have defined our core messages and are in the process of finding photos, graphics & sketches for them.

💡 3. The first draft of the budget and crowdfunding video are here.

🌻 4. we invite you to the next workshop on 17.09 at Gut Rheinau.

💸 5. we had a detailed conversation with Christian Hiss about Regionalwert and Richtig Rechnen.

📚 6. We presented ourselves at the ETH Summer School at Pico.

📦 7. The subscription store of Grassrooted is up and running. It can be debited with card automatically every 2 weeks.

Update #145

25. July 2022

📣 1. We held our 3rd campaign workshop in the Jupiterhaus. We looked at the budget and defined the core messages together.

💻 2. Simon made some adjustments to the database and read in an import file.

💸 3. We received CHF 10,000 from the city of Zurich UGZ for the campaign preparation.

❌ 4. We received a refusal from the Prototype Fund for formal reasons, as we have no developers in Switzerland & our project is a bit too big. They recommend going to the Mercator Foundation for our systematic approach.

🤝 5. We were invited to present our project at the ETH Summer School and had a first get-to-know-you call with Pulpo Marketing Kollektiv.

🚛 6. We organize a round table on the logistics platform in the city of Zurich. Here is the link to make an appointment.

🏕 7. Part of the Lightwave team went on vacation last week & are happy to be back.

Update #144

7. July 2022

📣 1. In the campaign core team we have planned the next workshop: You are invited to come at Jupiterhaus on July 23, 2022 from 10.00-17.00. You can find the agenda here.

🌻 2. We created the first draft of the website for our campaign. In the workshop we add the financing goal and core messages.

💻 3. Simon, Tibor and Seulgi will continue to develop the MVP over the course of the month so that we can read and display real product data.

🌐 4. With FeldzuTisch we discussed the framework conditions for multi-region financing: The foundation holds the code & the operating cooperative covers the maintenance & further development costs for all regions.

🌟 5. Johanna supports us in organizing the events at the Tage der Agrarökologie.

🚛 6. With Sophia (Hängry) we discussed how convenience food is created from food waste of our network. In addition, we organize the round table for logistics in support with the climate forum of the city of Zurich.

Update #143

30. June 2022

🌊 1. We finally met in person in Zurich after 2 years of online meetings.

🎥 2. We took some beautiful shots At MehralsGmües for the Koopernikus video campaign. 

🤝 3. We were happy to accept Simon's help with our technical development and have given an introduction to our data model and MVP. 

🌐 4. With the Freiburg Nutrition Council and FeldzuTisch Basel, we have come to the conclusion that it makes sense to establish a legal form together in order to financially support the infrastructure on a supra-regional level. 

🚛 5. Thomas from Pico gave us an introduction to Pico's ERP system, in order for us to find out how our software can best tie in with it.

🔗 6. In the product management call, we have exchanged ideas on how we can best connect the processes of producers outside Gut Rheinau with Lightwave. 

Update #142

21. June 2022

❤️ 1. After 2 years of online co-creation, Isa visited us in Zurich. We went to Gut Rheinau together to get a nice tour and insight into the Demeter farm with David.

🚛 2. We gave a keynote speech on the topic of regional marketing and logistics at the climate forum of the city of Zurich and co-moderated our working groups with Michel.

📣 3. As the core campaign team, we met Caro at ETH to plan the next workshop. It will take place in our Jupiterhaus on July 23rd. You are welcome to come by if you are interested.

🌻 4. In the corporate identity group we exchanged inspirations and discussed the implementation of the website with the campaign site.

🗣 5. We received a briefing to participate in the Agroecology Days event series.

🧮 6. Our database structure is currently being revised to remove complexity and consolidate micro-services.

Update #141

9. June 2022

📣 1. During the 2nd campaign workshop at MehralsGmües, we were all able to come to the same level of knowledge and already feel a sense of optimism.

👥 2. Toghether, we decided that the target group of our campaign in the first phase will be Zurich residents and end customers.

⭕️ 3. We have created further working groups at Koopernikus: Communications, Corporate Idendity and Finance.

💻 4. With 01 MVP Alpaca, we created a design template in which we focus on processes and flows - we took out complexity to better understand the demands on our IT infrastructure.

🤝 5. We explored synergies with Katharina (Regenerate) and Mathias (Bio Foundation).

🪣 6. We visited Felicia and Mathias from FeldzuTisch Basel and had an inspiring exchange about our experiences and possible cross-regional funding of a common IT infrastructure.

🧑‍🌾 7. We visited Hans Peter Meier from BioMeier and got to know his farm and philosophy of life.

Update #140

1. June 2022

📣 1. We met to prepare the upcoming Koopernikus campaign workshop on June 5th. You are invited to come along and can find more information here. Here findest du weitere Informationen. 

🌻 2. In the Koopernikus Call we created a mind map and organization chart for our business plan. 

🗳3. We have submitted an application to the city of Zurich for the funding of our campaign work. You can find it here. Here findest du ihn. 

🌍 4. We were invited to attend the Snack the System event at the World Economic Forum. There, we were able to network with different umbrella organizations in food as well as with the Federal Office for Agriculture.

🍏 5. We participated in the online workshop of the food councils and learned more about "LebensMittelPunkte".

💻 6. Seulgi & Tibor developed the UI for the home page, company page and shopping cart.

🔍 7. The focus of our product development and design is slowly shifting towards the logistics.

🚛 8. We were asked by the City of Zurich to speak and co-moderate at the Climate Forum: ''Was isst Zürich" - a look at the future on the subject of regional logistics.