Update #80

27 March 2021

🤝 1. Christof von Zollfrei war sehr zufrieden mit unserer programmierten MVP-Website und unserem Webshop 

🔄 2. And has given us feedback on which data is important to him on the product page

📸 3. As well gave us access to their product images and the okay to put their products on the Lightwave Zürich marketplace

🎉 4. That is why we are happy to announce that we have reached an important milestone: The first 100 products are on the marketplace. Many more to follow :)

🧮 5. We created a table for the database schema and shared it with the Zollfrei team in order to enter all of the data

🖌6. With the feedback of Christof and database schema we can make a design of the product page