Update #102

13 August 2021

❤️ 1. We started with the preservation of groceries from Gut Rheinau, which we resell to our community of Jupiterhaus to finance us. Thanks again to Jupiterhaus & Gut Rheinau for the cooperative collaboration

🌊 2. Raphi, Laura & Johannes met other communities, producers & food coops through the Global Ecovillage Network Suisse Summer Camp. Many have expressed their interest to become part of Lightwave

💫 3. Isa & Tibor have successfully deployed the Product Service & connected it to our UI

🌞 4 . Johannes bundled all important information from Koopernikus & Lightwave & went through it with David

🚛 5. David & Johannes soon meet with Beat to go through the concept together & to pick up the last document for the founding documents from Koopernikus

🌱 6. David and Johannes are preparing a flyer for a foundation that would provide funds through the Fintan Foundation

🤝 7. Fabienne invited us to evaluate to make a submission of an application to the city of Zurich together with Lebens.Mittel.Punkte Freiburg