Update #111

10 October 2021

🌊 Hello everyone!

🎥 Our next VLOG is online!

🏡 In this video I show you my home Jupiterhaus and how I help Andreas poste his Love- & Healing-Circle Events on the Jupiterhaus website. More Infos about Jupiterhaus at: https://jupiterhaus.ch

🌞 In our Team call we decided to continue the VLOG through our channel instead of on my private channel, which had initially been the plan. So we're officially introducing ourselves!

🚀 We're looking forward to the journey of creating a vibrant community, culture and network around Lightwave and striving for the stars.

❤️ We love you all so much and hope to see you next time!

🌊 Hugs, Johannes, Laura and Raphael from Lightwave