Update #118

06 December 2021

💻 1. Tibor coded the front end of the profile & Isa is coding the user service in the back end. We will develop the other back end elements together to establish a connection to the front end.

🖌 2. We added details to the design & documented all user stories. Next, we develop user stories & modules for producers, processors & logisticians so that our marketplace becomes more needs-based for them. For this, Raphael & Johannes meet at David (Gut Rheinau) this week.

⚖️ 3. With the income from Pico & Gut Rheinau orders, our need for legal security & professional accounting has increased: Laura therefore takes responsibility for our finances. Thanks 🙏. We are in the process of how best to draw up our employment contracts.

🌻 4. At Koopernikus we are preparing everything for the GV for the official foundation.

🌱 5. We have successfully started the kick-off of the values ​​group. We have presented our 2-week documentation & discussed which values ​​we have created in everyday life without monetary payment.