Update #122

10 January 2022

⚙️ 1. We are currently restructuring our workflows in order to manifest them better

🔎 2. We are designing individual user interfaces for the different workers on the stations within the Gut Rheinau operation

💸 3. We discussed in the Koopernikus Call about the user membership model and decided to do a crowdfunding

✨ 4. We exchanged with Maximilian what it would take to make a possible crowdfunding with a cryptocurrencyg

🎉 5. We have issued each other work contracts

📸 6. We made product pictures at Gut Rheinau with Heri

🤝 7. We went through structural analysis with Felicia from Feldzutisch and shared know-how

🎮 8. We have the idea to use the Game Eco to map our network. Possibly we stream it and build an online gaming community