Update #134

11 April 2022

📣 Campaign

🌟 1. We cordially invite you to the Koopernikus workshop. It will take place on Friday, April 15th at 10:00 am at Ausstellungsstrasse 21 (rampe21/grassrooted). We discuss how to organize the funding campaign for building the network.

🖌 2. We adjusted the design of the harvest list & delivery note when a product cannot be delivered.

⚙️ 3. Seulgi & Isa introduced us to the process of a user story lifecycle to better manage user stories & tickets in Trello.

👩‍💻 4. Seulgi created endpoints for the backend in YAML notation.

💸 5. In the finance call we exchanged info about Klara accounting tool, insurance, liquidity & our needs.

🖥 6. We see another mainstay with hosting, website & maintenance service.

🤝 7. We received Transition Zurich's social media channels.

🌱 8. We discussed asking Mathias Förster (Bio Foundation) for an interview on correct calculation & digital values.

🌊 9. We took part in the exchange of nutrition councils & will offer a workshop in the future.