Update #143

30 June 2022

1. We finally met in person in Zurich after 2 years of online meetings.

2. We took some beautiful shots At MehralsGmües for the Koopernikus video campaign. 

3. We were happy to accept Simon's help with our technical development and have given an introduction to our data model and MVP. 

4. With the Freiburg Nutrition Council and FeldzuTisch Basel, we have come to the conclusion that it makes sense to establish a legal form together in order to financially support the infrastructure on a supra-regional level. 

5. Thomas from Pico gave us an introduction to Pico's ERP system, in order for us to find out how our software can best tie in with it.

6. In the product management call, we have exchanged ideas on how we can best connect the processes of producers outside Gut Rheinau with Lightwave.