Update #144

07 July 2022

1. In the campaign core team we have planned the next workshop: You are invited to come at Jupiterhaus on July 23, 2022 from 10.00-17.00. You can find the agenda here.

2. We created the first draft of the website for our campaign. In the workshop we add the financing goal and core messages.

3. Simon, Tibor and Seulgi will continue to develop the MVP over the course of the month so that we can read and display real product data.

4. With FeldzuTisch we discussed the framework conditions for multi-region financing: The foundation holds the code & the operating cooperative covers the maintenance & further development costs for all regions.

5. Johanna supports us in organizing the events at the Tage der Agrarökologie.

6. With Sophia (Hängry) we discussed how convenience food is created from food waste of our network. In addition, we organize the round table for logistics in support with the climate forum of the city of Zurich.