Update #147

30 September 2022

📣 1. Our campaign planning is in full swing!

🌻 2. We are currently planning videos and events, compiling contact lists, enquiring with communication partners as well as designing the website, flyers and posters.

💻 3. IT: Our back-end is taking shape and finally connected to the front-end. The first data is available on the database. The data importing system is being refined.

🤝 4. We’re exchanging with the city and canton of Zurich as well as with other direct marketing platforms to possibly cooperate at level of IT and logistics.

❤️ 5. We’re saying goodbye to Isa with a lot of gratitude in our hearts. Thank you for your joyful presence and your contribution to Lightwave. We wish you all the best for your writing career! #wearesystemchangers #wirsindsystemwandler

🌟 6. We invite you to our next events in October: 6-7.10 48 H Agrarökologie; 27.10 Koopernikus stellt sich vor. More info to follow. 48 H Agrarökologie; 27.10 Koopernikus stellt sich vor. Weitere Infos folgen.