Update #148

24 January 2023

???? 1. Lightwave updates are coming monthly again!

???? 2. From Oct 22-Jan 23 we were heavily involved in the Koopernicus campaign.

???? 3. We have 35 new cooperative members and 55 companies interested in on boarding our platform. About this one Link you can be part of it too.

???? 4. Produced a crowd investing video. Link.

???? 5. We rocked 16 info events in the city of Zurich, in the countryside and online.

✉️ 6. We have a newsletter with Koopernikus, Pico and Gut Rheinau with about 1200 organizations and individuals. Link

???? 7. We have created a schedule for IT development and Simon is working 20% on Lightwave from March.
???? 8. We develop modules for product management and harvesting lists. Then we are ready for a test run at Gut Rheinau.

???? 9. Together with Beat (Pico), David (Gut Rheinau) we work out the effective costs to better design a business plan.