Update #153

08 January 2024

🧮 1. We have updated our database so that data has a history and all changes are saved.

🔗 2. Here is our API documentation (Link). If you are interested, please contact us: support@lightwave.ch

🌻 3. At Koopernikus, Janina has temporarily taken over the office. Together with David, Janosch, Laura & Johannes we are still in the finding process. The application for the Fintan Foundation helps us to work more together.

💧4. We have made a large overview of the status quo & plans of the various flows: (Link)

❓5. Together with Janosch we have set up a big survey on the different flows and will send it to the network during the week.

🚛 6. Pico will continue to be the logistics service provider for Koopernikus this year under the same conditions.

🔥 7. We are starting the process with Katharina & Lukas for a possible foundation of a network like Koopernikus in Bern. 

❤️ 8. We are planning our next community meeting. Feel free to fill out the link!