Update #105

08 September 2021

💻 1. Isa has completed the Product-Vendor Relation Service and will be deployed, Tibor is currently programming the Order Service

🖌 2. Dominik & Johannes have designed drafts of a new Lightwave logo

📱3. Isa & Johannes designed a UI for the supplier app

🌈 4. Laura & Johannes envisioned that events/festivals on sustainability & spirituality can become part of Lightwave to connect people on a personal way

🌊 5. Holi & Johannes have exchanged similar ideas as well as opportunities to finance the Holochain development with a Holochain friendly foundation

🌎 6. Dennis and Johannes exchanged the possibility of integrating an academic study with Koopernikus with the WFSC Ambassador program to research food structures in other cities in South Europe

📃 7. We have revised the last details of the project plan and can finally submit it to the City of Zurich

📸 8. Lucas and Johannes were in Zollfrei making product pictures – we will team up with Raphi to see want are the best conditions to make pictures