Update #42

05 September 2020

📱 1. We first obtained an overview of Lightwave's existing communication channels (social media, photos and videos).

🌊 2. We then discussed adding a blog to clarify our concept with entries.

❤️ 3. This is to help new people enter the Lightwave ecosystem and community and access information about the sustainable market.

💡 4. The blog also serves to record our ideas for ourselves and to give users/readers the opportunity to vote on further developments.

🖌 5. The next steps are to integrate the blog on our website and then find a structure (categories etc.) & design together.

✍️ 6. Otherwise, anyone who wants can start blog entries and save them for themselves first.

📹 7. On Monday, we started with a storyboard for a video production in which we depict the user's process (order-> delivery, order -> pickup & reconciliation -> impact).