Update #109

07 October 2021

Hello everyone!

🎥 We're starting a VLOG!

🌎 On Tuesday, the Lightwave team had the impulse to share our development on our YouTube channel with the rest of the world.

🤳 Spontaneously I (Johannes) bought a used Apple iPhone on Sunday in order to finally pursue my desire to document my everyday life.

🌱 In this video, I'll tell you what the Transition Town movement is and how Jasmin and I are promoting sustainable local consumption with the Transition Zurich website and map. More about Transition Town: https://transitionnetwork.org and Transition Zurich https://www.transition-zuerich.ch

🌌 I'm introducing our Lightwave Blog (https://lightwave.ch/blog) & Telegram Info Chat (https://t.me/joinchat/SkTTKkD1A-NJzaA_) and how journaling helps me set an intention for the following day in a creative way.

🚀 We're looking forward to the journey of creating a vibrant community, culture and network around Lightwave and striving for the stars.

❤️ We love you all so much and hope to see you next time!

🌊 Hugs, Johannes, Laura and Raphael from Lightwave