Update #131

15 March 2022

🌻 1. In the Koopernikus Call we asked ourselves who owns the code & how we work with Koopernikus.

🌊 2. We brainstormed about it in the Jupiterhaus living room & came up with a possible construct: The code belongs to the Lightwave Foundation, which grants usage rights to regional food networks such as Koopernikus. She also commissions Lightwave GmbH/AG to further develop the code and adapt it to the needs of the regional food networks. In this way, the code remains in safe hands as common property.

🍏 3. We had an intensive exchange with Florian Jakober about the price composition of food, logistics & services in value chains, regional IT infrastructures & databases. We stay in touch for a possible collaboration with FoodCoops.

🌞 4. We introduced Koopernikus/Lightwave to the cuisine at Future Food Market and got to know other players in the food value chain.

❤️ 5. We made an update call to give Laura an overview of where we are right now.