Update #133

02 April 2022

📣 Campaign

🌻 1. We are preparing for the campaign workshop. By already thinking about which tools we can use:

👥 2. Events - To reach the different target groups, such as end customers via FeldzuTisch.

📲 3. Social Media/Newsletter - Use common strategy/content for our different channels.

💻 4. Seulgi and Tibor have created a detailed overview for our API endpoints, which can also be used within the code via constants.

🌊 5. Seulgi and Isa develop the workflow for our features to be implemented using user stories.

🖌 6. We added information fields on the product & producer page.

💸 7. Laura has set up an agenda board for the next finance call & is looking for a good accounting tool.

🖥 8. Raphi makes the FeldzuTisch website for the series of events from our network.

🔐 9. Isa set up a password manager for all major work web platforms.