Update #145

25 July 2022

1. We held our 3rd campaign workshop in the Jupiterhaus. We looked at the budget and defined the core messages together.

2. Simon made some adjustments to the database and read in an import file.

3. We received CHF 10,000 from the city of Zurich UGZ for the campaign preparation.

❌ 4. We received a refusal from the Prototype Fund for formal reasons, as we have no developers in Switzerland & our project is a bit too big. They recommend going to the Mercator Foundation for our systematic approach.

5. We were invited to present our project at the ETH Summer School and had a first get-to-know-you call with Pulpo Marketing Kollektiv.

6. We organize a round table on the logistics platform in the city of Zurich. Here is the link to make an appointment.

7. Part of the Lightwave team went on vacation last week & are happy to be back.