Update #149

10 March 2023

1. We conducted our first trial run with Gut Rheinau. The ordering process worked well, and the orders were consolidated in the harvest list. We have already received several inquiries about testing.

2. Die Kostenstruktur von Koopernikus haben wir fertiggestellt. Here kannst du sie einsehen. Darauf aufbauend entwickeln wir unser Geschäftsmodell.

3. We have completed the accounting for Lightwave for the year 2022. We have a balance of approximately 26,600 CHF with the money from the Koopernikus campaign of approximately 46,600 CHF. With this budget, we plan to make our platform operational until 2024.

4. Raphael is no longer employed at Lightwave, but our collaboration remains in the area of website hosting and onboarding.

5. We participated in the first workshop of "Richtig Rechnen" with a focus on the evaluation of ecological performance.

6. Koopernikus is currently going through a reorientation phase on how we can work better as a group. 

7. We are continuing the process of adapting our statutes. This primarily concerns the handling of shares.

8. We are settling in on Notion to improve our work processes.