Update #151

03 June 2023

1. In recent weeks, we have been intensively developing our software. Customers can now place orders flawlessly, farms can bundle orders in the picking list & display it on their harvest app. On September 1st, we aim to go operational & add additional features while conducting more test runs.

2. To ensure our success, we are currently planning the communication, tools, & materials for onboarding 60 Gut Rheinau's customers.

3. Together with the Purpose Foundation, we are organizing a kick-off event to structure Lightwave as a steward-owned company.

4. We have discussed the business model once we enter the market on September 1st. One proposal is for Gut Rheinau to increase their prices by 5-10%. With this surcharge, we will allocate 2.5% of the revenue to Lightwave & 2.5% to Koopernikus until 1.1.2024.

5. With Regionalwert Franken, EPOS, Ernährungsrat Bayreuth, we had an initial discussion to offer our platform for their region & jointly develop a macro- and micro-logistics software.