Exploring the Multiverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Exploring the Multiverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Update #84

14. April 2021

1. 🌱🌊 Surprisingly, Christof gave Johannes the very first money for the Lightwave project worth CHF 2,000. This is a recognition of our work, vision and our values. We are happy about it and motivated to continue making a contribution to humanity and mother earth. 

2. 🧮 On Monday and Tuesday, Johannes was in Zollfrei. He manually recorded all 850 products from the store in the Excel list with data of name, price and origin, if available. 

3. 📝 Today the data from food producers & traders were added. This gives us a better overview of how we can best network other organizations on the marketplace.

4. 💻 We decided which technology we use to build the database and back-end: Springboot, PostgreSQL & REST.

Update #83

10. April 2021

🌊 1. Johannes met Christof at Zollfrei to provide orientation about their data stocks. The list currently consists of 140 product entries. There are around 400 products in the store and all have been marked which still need to be added to the list. Johannes will do that next time into the Excel List and Raphi will take product pictures.

📱 2. Tibor programmed the new design of the product page. 

🖌3. We updated the landing page of our website. Now we are working on the different pages. 

🕸 4. Fabi and Johannes had a good conversation about how we can network the various initiatives (Koopernikus, Urban Equipe, Stadtentwicklung Zürich, Seeds) and create a working group around the DAO Marketplace

🏙 5. After talking to Christof that he would be interested to participate financially on the city DAO Marketplace we realized how important the question is, what the legal framework is and how a technical implementation with SEEDS could look like

Update #82

7. April 2021

👋 1. Greetings from the core Tech team: Raphi, Isabel, Tibor and Johannes (from top left to bottom right)

🧮 2. Tomorrow Johannes and Christof from Zollfrei will meet to evaluate their data stocks and options for transfer to our back-end

🚜3. We received an invitation from David from Gut Rheinau to his farm to improve our relationships and find out how their farm works and what needs they have for their digital infrastructure

🤝 4. Raphi and Johannes will also meet Fred von Chornlade in order to better understand their needs as a grocery store in the middle of Zürich in Zollhaus

🖌 5. We are currently in the process of updating our landing page

💻 6. We have stored tickets for the technical implementation on Trello so that Tibor and Isa can start programming the product page

Update #81

30. March 2021

🖌 1. With the Feedback of Christof from Zollfrei we designed a Mock-Up for the product page  

💻 2. To prepare for the programming we are setting up user Stories and Trello with a ticket system 

🌐 3. Fabienne organized a networking event for the food players in Zurich on behalf of the Ernährungsforum Zürich – we had the opportunity to share the idea of the city, organizations and customer’s owned marketplace and to get in touch with others

🏛 4. The city of Zurich does not support our application for the moment because we have not yet submitted a convincing business plan and could not ensure the sustainability of the project – Therefore, they offer coaching sessions to develop a sustainable business model together and to try again with the application in 3 months. And until then they get in touch with other departments of the city of Zurich (Smart City, economic development), as our project covers a lot.

🌱 5. David vom Gut Rheinau, a food producer and member of the Koopernikus cooperative invites us to become part of the cooperative as an IT service provider and expert

Update #80

27. March 2021

🤝 1. Christof from Zollfrei was very happy with our programmed MVP website and webshop 

🔄 2. And has given us feedback on which data is important to him on the product page

📸 3. As well gave us access to their product images and the okay to put their products on the Lightwave Zürich marketplace

🎉 4. That is why we are happy to announce that we have reached an important milestone: The first 100 products are on the marketplace. Many more to follow 🙂

🧮 5. We created a table for the database schema and shared it with the Zollfrei team in order to enter all of the data

🖌6. With the feedback of Christof and database schema we can make a design of the product page

Update #79

24. March 2021

Here is a longer summary of Lightwave:

Update #78

23. March 2021

🤝 1. I met Christof from Zollfrei last Tuesday – he loves the Mock-Up & the whole vision behind Lightwave & wants to work together

💻 2. So we programmed a MVP website and webshop of Zollfrei: https://zollfrei.lightwave.ch 

🌊3. Christof and i felt the responsibility to give a value to the product/service/vision of Lightwave & came to the conclusion after a little research of a price range of 100-300 CHF/ monthly + a Sales fee from 1 to 5 %. We are still in the process as team and network to figure it out exactly

🌈 4. Denise, Ilaria, Mohamad and i had an awesome first big online event of Lightwave during the Digital Milano Week with 40 participants – Around 8 are interested to work as Network builder for their cities in Italy & Spain to implement a sustainable marketplace & DAO 

🚛 5. Andreas and i had a good Call with City Cargo – our next call is about brainstorming and sketching the value flows of the marketplace

Update #77

16. March 2021

🖌 1. Have gone through the mock-up design of the Zollfrei website and webshop (See pictures)

💰2. We went through the pricing of our offer and noticed that a subscription system and a sales fee could makes sense – exact numbers are yet to be found out

🌊3. Had a good conversation with Jasmin Helg to see how we can onboard the organizations from the transition zurich map on the marketplace together

🤝4. Had a good conversation with Fred von Kopernikus that they will consider us in the evaluation process for their technical infrastructure

🌈 5. I need to prepare for the Digital Week Milano a presentation

🚛 6. We will meet again with City Cargo to discuss about urban transportation systems

Update #76

14. March 2021

🌊1. During the mock-up design of the merchandise management system, we came to the realization that it would be a long process before it can be used in a network

🔨2. That is why we decided to lay the foundation of cooperation with organizations by the integration of a web shop

🌞3. We are developing a mock-up and offer for Zollfrei (Zero Waste Store) for a webshop

🖌4. We are currently updating our website

🌈 5. Denise organized a Check In Call with the speakers of Digital Week Milano 

🌱 6. Steph is open for our proposal as part of hypha and to exchange tech tools 

🌐 7. Kristoffer and i discued how Holochain Core Team could support financially the development of Lightwave/Shiro

Update #75

5. March 2021

🌊 1. By processing the application to the City of Zurich, we  were able to realign our goals, measures and services

🔗 2. Our focus is to develop for food producers and grocery stores a merchandise management system linked with their own online shop

🖌 3. With Adobe Xd we are designing a mock-up

🌈 4. We are in contact with the food organizations and looking forward to start a co-creative process by sending the mock-up upon completion

🌎 5. We successfully submitted our event to Digital Week Milano. Now we are in the process of setting up the event page and preparing social media posts for promotion.

🌱 6. We evaluate with Steph from LocalScale whether and how a cooperation can look like 

🌐 7. We got an awesome feedback from the Holochain Community