Exploring the Multiverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Exploring the Multiverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Update #67

5. January 2021

❓ 1. Raphi, Isa & I create a questionnaire for producers & grocery stores about their merchandise/inventory management 

💌 2. We send Zollfrei the questionnaire, asked for a meeting next week and looking forward to make a test run in about 2 weeks – We will simulate the producer & logistic part, but the rest will be a physical test run

📱3. Tibor is making some adaptations of the feedback of the first testing round with the community 

🖌 4. Isa is commiting herself to start with Front-End development for Lightwave and will enter next week in coding 

🌐 5. Kevin starts to code the Back End with Holochain

🔨 6. We are ready for the next test run at 07.01 at 16.00

Update #66

29. December 2020

🌊 1. We created an Outlook timeline for 2021

📱2. Tibor discovered an open source software for merchandise management & starts to implementing it to see if it fits with our marketplace

❓3. Raphi, Isa & i will create a questionnaire for the second part of the marketplace software – With that we create a feature list & looking forward to share it with the organizations to get feedback & organize a meeting

🌐 4. We had a call with Hedayat to get feedback for the implementation of Holochain into Lightwave as Backend & figured out that before we start with the conception of the data architecture, we need a list of all features of the marketplace

Update #65

23. December 2020

🌱 1. Fabienne and i talked with Local Scale & Open Food Network to see if we can build synergies with their concept & software – we recognized that we can learn a lot of others and reuse some of the tools ( Order Cycles, interconnected interface between online shop & marketplace) & at the same time we didnt see a software for our need of an interconnecting platform from inventory management to marketplace etc.) But with local Scale we see an oppurtunity for an API of Seeds wallet into our App & with OFN an distribution channel of our software if it is finished 🌊

🔁 2. We started to run a software test with Andreas & Frank – we got good insights how to improve the app

💫 3. Tibor, Isa, Raphi & i reflected on the conversation with the organizations & recognized how important a interconnected marketplace is from the producer’s inventory management to delivery to the front door that covers all the needs of the different participants

❓ 4. The next step is to develop a questionnaire about what the producers, suppliers & shops need and to send them with an invitation to meet them personal – to understand better their needs & working processes

🌐 5. Kevin and i are looking forward to meet with Holochain developers to introduce to Lightwave & start with conception and coding a base modul 

🌊 6. Denise & i are also preparing presentations for online calls with different organizations on different languages (First german, english & italian)

🔁 7. Are preparing the next test runs of the app – just enter your dates if you want to give a feedback 😍 

Update #64

18. December 2020

Heello! We had a great call with food producers, logistics & groceries 🌊 We have now a better understanding of their needs (First Steps from field to online presence, digital supply chain & last mile) and how to evolve to are interconnected marketplace 🌐 In general they are interested in working together and we are looking forward to prepare individual aligned test runs ❤️ Thanks to Fabienne from Ernährungsforum who organized the call 🤙

Update #63

7. December 2020

🔁 1. We started to run a software test: With 3 different devices we simulated the 3 different players of the marketplace (Costumer, Shop & Delivery man/shopper) – we could complete succesful a whole process and at the same time we are happy that we founded some bugs (map, scrolling, location, cart) to fix it and continue to improve the performance 👍 We would be happy if someone could test with us the software and give us feedback soon 🌊

Update #62

2. December 2020

🔨 1. Tibor has further developed the delivery app and introduced it to us – the important processes are already running smoothly 

🔁 2. We came to the realization with a running software we start now with the testing phase in order to get feedback, to integrate needs and to further develop the software

🖌 3. Otherwise we went through the Hazelburger design as a Lightwave webshop template 

🏁 4. The next step is to prepare a test run with Zollfrei as a shop, a friend of ours as a customer and Raphi as a shopper

Update #61

23. November 2020

🔨 1. We have set up our workspace on discord to get a better overview

🖌 2. We looked at the design of the delivery module and had a feedback round to make adjustments

🍔 3. Raphi is in contact with Hazelburger – with them we add further user stories and adjustments to our online shop module

📱 4. Tibor is almost finished programming the app and has taken over almost everything from the web infrastructure of Lightwave

Update #60

20. November 2020

🌱 1. We took a closer look at Seeds to become part of this network and as a possible financial source for our project

🤝 2. Isa presented an amazing concept of community-driven delivery

🌊 3. Raphi drew and presented the money flows of the marketplace with the community-driven delivery

📱 4. Tibor introduced us to the Lightwave Handy App and the progress made in programming 

🧭 5. We exchanged about the next possible organizations that we can contact and present our project: Bachsermärt & Rampe 21

Update #59

16. November 2020

Here is a video cutted summary from our pitches and announcement of our win! 😊 A beautiful memory & see you soon 🌊

Update #58

6. November 2020

🚀 1. Next Thursday we have a fixed appointment with Tara from Zollfrei & Foifi to present our marketplace and services

💻 2. Next Friday and Saturday we will take part in the Climathon Zurich – To present our concept City of Zurich (Yvonne Löschner) and Impact Hub (Laurene Descamps) 🌞🌊

🔨 3. Have integrated a payment module with PayPal (PayPal & credit card payments possible) in the marketplace & online shop

🗺 4. It is your turn to set up a delivery, participation, payment and communication concept

🌊 5. Have visualized the various work processes in order to create a better overview

🌱 6. Prepare for the coming week by adjusting the web shop & marketplace a little