Exploring the Multiverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Exploring the Multiverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Update #97

25. June 2021

 📸 1. Raphi and Johannes were in Zollfrei and started to photograph their products. With this we reach another milestone and gain experience in order to then improve the processes

🤝 2. We are setting up a working group for the B2C marketplace in cooperation with the stores from Zurich & the WWF

🌱 3. Johannes is still in the process of collecting the founding documents & has the opportunity to exchange ideas with everyone

Update #96

18. June 2021

🌐 1. We have visualized the flow of goods with user interfaces in order to get a better understanding of the processes

🖌 2. Together with Dominik, we have further developed the corporate design of Koopernikus in the area of typography

📸 3. On Wednesday we go to Zollfrei and start taking photos of the products

🧮 4. We have discussed where we can best save the product images and how they can best be assigned to the product data table

Update #95

16. June 2021

🌊 1. On Monday we met with Christof von Zollfrei / Foifi to discuss the next steps

📸 2. We are preparing to take Zollfrei product pictures

🧮 3. We are adjusting the Excel table of the product data with more columns that the transfer to the database works properly

🌞 4. On Tuesday we had a Koopernikus meeting: Johannes collects the founding documents & signatures, the 5 working groups (IT, admin, mission statement, design, member model) can get started

🍔 5. On Monday we helped Leander from Hazelburger to make vegan organic burgers. We also talked about how the Hazelburger network can become part of Koopernikus. We stay in contact

Update #94

9. June 2021

🧭 1. We have set up a project plan for Koopernikus on WeChange with the main categories administration, IT & communication.

🔭 2. We are checking the data structure & backend for the long term vision of Koopernikus 

 🖌 3. We are collecting different templates for the UI 

🤝 4. We are planning the next meeting with Koopernikus members to complete the foundation and to decide the next steps

Update #93

4. June 2021

Here are more information from the IT & membership model of Koopernikus

Update #92

2. June 2021

🚀 1. Big news! On Sunday (May 30th) we celebrated the founding of Koopernikus with a delicious buffet & interesting presentations in La Cuisine in Zurich

🔥 2. The spark jumps beyond the founding group: We only invited a small group of food companies- but 5 of them registered after the event to want to become part of Koopernikus.

💻 3. We presented the IT vision of Koopernikus with the 3 steps: (1) B2B marketplace, (2) networking of logistics, merchandise management systems & online shops of companies & (3) B2C marketplace

🤝 4. We have also presented the membership model in order to best finance Koopernikus. Members receive services in IT, logistics & communication. The monthly fee differs according to sales & company category

Update #91

20. May 2021

👋 1. We welcome Laura back to our team! After a 1 year hiatus to await the technical development of Lightwave, Laura returns to help with project management, public relations and finances. 

🧾 2. Each of us has chosen his or her task from the list of tasks for the Koopernikus Platform & Lightwave in general. Isa, Laura and Johannes went through the selected tasks in order to get a feeling of what kind of processes we are facing.

🔭 3. Have sent an application to the Prototype Fund from the Mercator Foundation. To promote the development of the tools of the participatory budget based on a blockchain and to integrate it in the marketplace (B2C) over the long term.

📯 4. Johannes exchanged ideas with Patricia Matzdorf from WWF / One Planet Hub. Patricia has offered as soon as we start test runs with the B2C marketplace and the participatory budget, she supports us as a communication multiplier in the WWF / One Planet Hub network.

Update #90

14. May 2021

👷 1. We have made a time estimate and collection of tasks for the construction of the Koopernikus platform

🌱 2. With the financial group of Koopernikus we are planning the founding event for May 30th. There we provide a lookout for the It platform and a possible membership model

🚀 3. David and Johannes went to the BioStiftung / Bodenfruchtbarkeitsfond in Basel to apply for start-up funding. We stay in touch

🌐 4. Johannes exchanged ideas with Florian Jakober from Foodcoops (AWG)

🧑‍🌾 5. Johannes visited the Transition Bülach team with Annette and Lucas to discuss to launch a pilot project ‘FoodCoops in Villages’

Update #89

4. May 2021

🚛 1. Raphi and Johannes visited Beat and Mara from PicoBio in Dietikon to get to know them better. Beat gave us a tour of his impressive warehouse. Afterwards we had lunch with him and his daughter Mara with a long exchange about Koopernikus, digitization, communities, certification of food & the food market in general. 

🌐 2. With Beat we worked out that an interface between PicoBio’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and the Koopernikus database makes sense to simplify data transfer.   

🔗 3. Members of Koopernikus use different merchandise management systems/ERPs. This means that in parallel to building the basic platform, we will need time and energy to program the interfaces to their respective merchandise management systems/ERPs (If it exists) for a successful data transfer. 

🧾 4. We have created a list of components that are needed to successfully launch Koopernikus to assess how much time and money we will need

Update #88

30. April 2021

🗺 1. Here is an overview of the members of Koopernikus

🔨 2. Our goal is to materialize something from Koopernikus as soon as possible. We take over elements from the Lightwave marketplace and Zollfrei Webshop and transfer them to Koopernikus and Gut Rheinau Webshop. We have set up a ticket system on Trello.

🧮 3. Johannes is adding organic certifications & a product description to the Zollfrei products

🌽 4. Johannes exchanged ideas with David from Gut Rheinau about the digital infrastructure and possible business models of Koopernikus. David sends the whole product list in order to have all the data together once.

🌱5. In order to plan sustainably financially, we will send Koopernikus a cost & time estimate for the construction of the basic platform and with extensions of modules (Invoice, Accounting etc.)