Exploring the Mulitverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Exploring the Mulitverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Update #34/35

14. March 2021

🌊1. During the mock-up design of the merchandise management system, we came to the realization that it would be a long process before it can be used in a network

🔨2. That is why we decided to lay the foundation of cooperation with organizations by the integration of a web shop

🌞3. We are developing a mock-up and offer for Zollfrei (Zero Waste Store) for a webshop

🖌4. We are currently updating our website

🌈 5. Denise organized a Check In Call with the speakers of Digital Week Milano 

🌱 6. Steph is open for our proposal as part of hypha and to exchange tech tools 

🌐 7. Kristoffer and i discued how Holochain Core Team could support financially the development of Lightwave/Shiro

Update #32/33

5. March 2021

🌊 1. By processing the application to the City of Zurich, we  were able to realign our goals, measures and services

🔗 2. Our focus is to develop for food producers and grocery stores a merchandise management system linked with their own online shop

🖌 3. With Adobe Xd we are designing a mock-up

🌈 4. We are in contact with the food organizations and looking forward to start a co-creative process by sending the mock-up upon completion

🌎 5. We successfully submitted our event to Digital Week Milano. Now we are in the process of setting up the event page and preparing social media posts for promotion.

🌱 6. We evaluate with Steph from LocalScale whether and how a cooperation can look like 

🌐 7. We got an awesome feedback from the Holochain Community

Update #31

19. February 2021

🌽 1. We exchanged ideas with Patrick von Bachsermärt (Sustainable food network) building a digital infrastructure together

🌊 2. We designed the DAO with money and distribution flows

🌱 3. Together with Fabi, we shared our request with Rieki to connect a DAO marketplace with Seeds in one app

🌎 4. Denise connected us with Sustainability Week International to make the websites in different cities around the globe & longterm to make a partnership to grassroot Lightwave

🚛  5. Andreas and I had a good conversation with City Cargo & are looking forward how we can collaborate on sustainable logistics

🌐 6. Fabi and I exchanged with the team of BinzCoin (Quartier Currency) & would like to stay in touch to see if we can work together to implement a local currency in Zurich

📱 7. Have received the request from Kraftmarkt to digitize their products (take photos & put them on an online shop)

🏙 8. The city of Zurich are interested to exchange information and to see how we can collaborate

Update #30

9. February 2021

🌊 1. We discussed two new fields where our marketplace software can be integrated:

🍽 2. The catering of the city of Zurich (giving 8.7 million menus every year for staff in clinics etc.). Therefore we developed further our questionnaire and prototype

🍱 3. As well as FoodCoops in neighborhoods of Zurich. We are in conversation with Florian Jakobiner, to understand better the needs & develop the first design

🌐 4. We had a tech call & realized that we use the momentum to continue the marketplace with Angular/Firebase & create a framework to promote the Holochain development

🇮🇹 5. Together with Denise we have registered for the Milano Digital Week 17-21.03.21 giving a talk about urban food systems

🚛 6. With Andreas, we created a questionnaire for the meeting w/ City Cargo to see if a collaboration around urban logistics can arise

🌱 7. Fabienne had a good conversation with Rieki (initiator of Seeds) to see how Hypha & Lightwave can work together (API Seeds Wallet etc.)

Update #29

5. February 2021

📱 1. We have analyzed the adjustments made by Tibor to the app and discussed further features.

🤝 2. We have set up a questionnaire and are sending it to the city of Zurich in order to prepare for the call on February 11 how a cooperation can best look

🌊 3. We had a good call with Fred Frohofer – He is working for a food cooperative who is connecting around 100 little organic food producers around Zurich & are open to work together

🌱 4. Fabi and Johannes presented Lightwave in a Seeds localpilot call & get to know better the people & projects around the globe

🔄 5. We will continue the process: We put the features into the backlog, Johannes will make the design, Isa & Tibor the software development

Update #28

1. February 2021

🤝 1. We have sent cooperation requests to the city of Zurich and other food grocery stores & producers

📱2. We have converted the feedback from last week into User Stories & Design templates and are ready to integrate them into the app

🖌3. We are currently redesigning our website to keep Lightwave up to date and to process contact requests better

🎉 4. Our doodle has shown that we will meet on 18.02 at 17:30-19:00 (MEZ) for the Lightwave Community Project Presentation Event

Update #27

30. January 2021

😍 1. We took a look back over the past week full of beautiful moments

🔬2. During the pitch at the city of Zurich and the physical test run with Zero Waste Store Zollfrei, we collected a lot of information. Now it’s our turn to prioritize them.

📱3. Isa is integrating an english version of our current app to make it for more people accesibile. 

🔨 4. Tibor & us are thinking about how to build a technical solution to make the marketplace interconnected between delivery & inventory management.

🤝 5. Johannes is connecting with Yvonne from City Zurich to see how to work independently from fundings together, as well with Christof from Zollfrei to exchange about last test run & payment modules, and looking forward to contact other grocery stores

🌐 6. Raphi & Johannes is looking forward for the meeting with Shiro as initiator to think about the holochain architecture of Lightwave marketplace

Update #26

18. January 2021

🤝 1. Yesterday i was in the new Store of Foifi/Zollfrei to get a better view about their products, stockpile & working processes and to strengthen the relationship to each other

📱2. We reactivated Trello as project management tool for App development. At the moment it fits better to us as Jira Software

🔨 3. We have gone through the list of features to add before we going to make the test run on saturday (23.01)

🌊 4. We are preparing a proposal to the city of environment of Zurich in regard of our meeting at 26.01 to finance the test phase until we have a market-ready service/product

Update #25

11. January 2021

🔨 1. We had an awesome test run with the community and a bunch of great feedback for features to integrate into the App 

🤝 2. We have entered a new field: We received interesting answers from Christof from Zollfrei to our prepared questionnaire & got a better understanding for their needs & their company processes 

📱3. Tibor introduced us to Dolibarr a open-source inventory/product management software 

🌊 Next steps:

🖌4. Based on the needs of Zollfrei, i make user stories & Tibor the integration of features into the app up to the physical test run 🙂

⚙️ 5. Isa is introducing us to Jira Software to check out if it is a usable tool to work better on the code

🌐 6. We have tomorrow a call with Kevin & at Wednesday with David Atkinson (Holo) to make the next steps into Holochain development

💌 7. We will send Christof an Invitation with more information to the physical test run to find a date within the the next 14 days

Update #24

5. January 2021

❓ 1. Raphi, Isa & I create a questionnaire for producers & grocery stores about their merchandise/inventory management 

💌 2. We send Zollfrei the questionnaire, asked for a meeting next week and looking forward to make a test run in about 2 weeks – We will simulate the producer & logistic part, but the rest will be a physical test run

📱3. Tibor is making some adaptations of the feedback of the first testing round with the community 

🖌 4. Isa is commiting herself to start with Front-End development for Lightwave and will enter next week in coding 

🌐 5. Kevin starts to code the Back End with Holochain

🔨 6. We are ready for the next test run at 07.01 at 16.00