Exploring the Multiverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Exploring the Multiverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Update #57

30. October 2020

🚪1. We are on the doorstep of new fields of action. With the Zurich Bunt event on Sunday, we had the opportunity for the first time to show our technical prototypes (marketplace, online shop & web scraper) to organizations and end customers 🌞 We received a very positive response because everything went smoothly technically and we did gave a good presentation.

📣 2. The communication group (Ronel, Laura, Raphi & Jojo) has met again after developing the technical prototype and will design a communication strategy next week.

📰 3. Have our working hours changed slightly: Monday (5:00 p.m.), Wednesday (9:30 a.m. & 8:00 p.m.) & Thursday (8:00 p.m.) as well as other telegram groups created. So that this group serves as an update / information group for those interested in Lightwave.

🧠 4. Have had a brainstorming session about the next steps (Climathon, creating a concept paper, sales, work processes, etc.).

Update #56

22. October 2020

💻 1. The scraper can place the products directly in the marketplace

🌱 2. After 78 food organizations have found 26659 products

🌊 3. Prepare for the meeting with Tara von Foifi and for the Zurich Bunt event on Sunday

🤝 4. See emails as a tool to get in touch with other organizations (newsletter, confirmation of interest in the marketplace & product scraping)

👍 5. Have gone through the workflows of the online shop & marketplace – it works well

🎯 To-Dos:

🔨 1. Small adjustments to the marketplace (change icons, adjust size, change organizations)

🌈 2. Create doodle for new appointments for the meeting

🗺 3. Customize the Concept.lightwave.ch website

Update #55

16. October 2020

🤝 1. Together we went through Isabel’s document, what a digital marketplace actually means and what possibilities there are to set up one

🧭 2. Realized for us that we can have a better focus & still keep the long-term vision in mind when we define phases. This also helps us for clear communication and presentation in organizations

🗺 3. We are now in the phase of visibility – This means that we first try to make the products and the organizations digitally visible by creating web shops, scraping web shops and small marketplaces

🌊 4. Then brainstormed through further phases (for example: processing, delivery, community, depot, holochain, participation)

💡 5. There are considerations to define new times to meet spread over the week and to distribute responsibilities for projects

🎯 To-Dos:

📔 Think about what kind of components the visibility phase can have in order to define goals & find a structure with tasks

Update #54

15. October 2020

😍 1. Isabel and Raphi were there again 🙂

💻 2. We went through the technical updates together & created a rough schedule

🌱 3. Short-term: Web shop prototype using the example of the Foifi organization

🗺 4. Short-term / medium-term: Product scraper for existing web shops to pull products on the marketplace and supplement it with photos of the shop entrances

🌐 5. Medium term: Sharpen organization scrapers for further sustainable organizations with a range of products and services from other cities

🌊 6. Long-term: Organizational scrapers for sustainable organizations around the world to help shape and decide on sustainable developments

Update #53

8. October 2020

💻 1. Have further developed the online shop prototypes & look forward to someone who will help us out with ‘pixel pushes’

🔨 2. We have become aware that we can optimize the parameters of the web scraper by comparing the coverage rate of the results of the scraper with the entries on the Transition Zurich card and adjusting the parameters accordingly so that better results are achieved

🌐 3. Have found a multidimensional sustainability analysis of the icons: https://www.labelinfo.ch – which we can also use for the products on the marketplace and adapt further

🎯 To-Dos:

🧩 1. Determine more precise parameters for the scraper through tests

🌊 2. Prepare (sales) presentation for organizations

💰 3. Complete the payment methods page of the online shop

Update #52

7. October 2020

🌞 1. At https://www.yourgatsby.de we looked at the first prototype of the online shop and discussed the next steps

💻 2. Otherwise we have the web scraper ready and have prepared the first data set

🎯 To-Dos:

🖌 1. Design and program the other elements of the online shop (payment, log-in)

🔨 2. Evaluate your first web scraper experience and adjust the white and blacklist to get better results

🤝 3. Send invitations to Interaction Designer in order to design the Prototyp Customer-ready ’prototype together

Update #51

2. October 2020

💻 1. Can better and better immerse themselves in the RSM Holochain ecosystem and understand the elements of the software

🤝 2. Recognize the possibility of using peershare as a technical component for our platform

❤️ 3. Continue to accompany the process of peershare in order to get to know each other better as a group and, if the timing is right, to share and co-create Lightwave with the Holochain community

Update #50

1. October 2020

💻 1. We went through the Web Scraper (test runs with different keywords) updated by Tibor together and are really excited that it works

🌐 2. The possibility of building a global database is more tangible -> So the suggestion came that we connect database entries directly to our map

🤝 3. Or give access to this data to umbrella organizations or sustainable city administrations together in a package with the software (marketplace) through payment

🔨 4. So we have recognized that it is now important to respond to the needs of how we set up the online shop and marketplace for the organizations

🌊 5. We conclude cooperations with a presentation and through events

🌱 6. In order to then integrate the marketplace adapted to needs into other cities

🖌 7. Wang may help us with the front-end part for the marketplace & online shop

🎯 To-Do: (1) Send Wang MVP & give access to BitBucket (2) Create main & sub-categories + keywords table (3) Online shop design (4) Antonella keywords translation

Update #49

30. September 2020

🌞 1. Have our perspectives recorded what we mean by regenerative business – Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/149kATWtQ-uiDtmIS0wv1sV8oMajBoJe2ghdjWV-wl6s/edit?usp=sharing

🌱 2. This has led to the next question: What is money and how should it be – Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vhhHq-qrTKppXmTpjK7zFAIPQPQ9EiJJRjtqgZV81bM/edit

🧭 3. Have shared our personal situations in detail, how everyone would like to help shape Lightwave and what the working relationship is and should be

Update #48

28. September 2020

🔄 1. Brief summary of the conversation with SDSN Switzerland, SDGx & Finn Woelm (Data Scientist): Would like to build a global database of sustainable organizations together & asked us to work together

🌊 2. Have then recognized how important data are for our project so that access to our platform is easier for other cities or umbrella organizations and there is an active network. We see ourselves building up another pillar of Lightwave as a regenerative big data organization in order to find and present the visibility of all relevant actors in a user-friendly manner.

🌐 3. We have recognized that big data research is best done with a web scraper (searching through the Internet for key words)

🧩 4. The following structure of a keyword analysis can look like: Stadt / City / Ciudad (Zurich / London / Madrid) + Markt / Market / Mercado (groceries / Food / Comida) + sustainability attribute (organic)

🚀 5. Our Big Data research is divided into two parts: Firstly for the actors in the marketplace as the basis for the creation of financial resources & the second analysis are all civil society actors who want to help shape the democratic process.

💻 6th meeting this Friday with Holochain Community

🎯 To-Do: Do ​​a keyword analysis for Zurich (Clara has started – thank you!) And then create something universal and transfer it to other cities / countries (adjust language) & (2) find out which search engines are used most in the respective regions