Exploring the Multiverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Exploring the Multiverses

The Offical Lightwave Blog 

Update #47

21. September 2020

🧬 1. We have gathered visions on the subject of technology: You will find a summary under the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dPzpfzG1-aP9RXbsX7IWXVtf8yEqi6PPZzOE4M8I9Kc/edit?usp=sharing

🖌 2. We have recorded our tasks in the technical implementation and recognized that we still want someone in the team who is passionate about the front-end design 🙂

🤝 3. Have gone through the organizations and people who are looking for a conversation with us to see if we can work together on a global database of sustainable organizations.

🎯 To-Do: Find a front-end designer

Update #46

18. September 2020
  1. 🔨 Have gone through the websites of the first organizations to see what their digital presence is like
  2. 🤝 Have the design of the purchase processing of loading areas on the marketplace been carried out & this led to the realization that initially hand-read the products can be fed into the marketplace or can also activate and edit their area themselves via APIs from other web shops and medium-term organizations .
  3. 🧭 We encountered a bit of ambiguity when we wanted to formulate the canvas of the offer outline together
  4. 🌈 So that we have decided to collect our visions and our thoughts on what regenerative business actually means in order to experience a fruitful co-creation process in the Regenerative Business Circle 🙂

Update #45

14. September 2020
  1. 💻 Have looked at the progress of the prototype together and discussed further steps: Adding additional functions, the visibility of a shop’s products, filtering according to sustainability features and displaying card entries in the shopping list
  2. 🖌 Furthermore, the design of the prototype will be adapted for a better UX / UI experience
  3. 💡 Then exchanged further ideas: To harmoniously connect the producers, the product and service market, as well as to add the current status of the tree planting under the header & to make 3D images for products and to enable 3D views of the shops one day 😍
  4. 🧭 Have looked at the design of digital point of sale together
  5. 🔨 Otherwise we have decided to continue with the Design & Structure blog & complete it this week
  6. 🌊 Raphi shared an update of Holochain RSM (Refactored State Model) with lots of new features as a way for us to get started
  7. 🌱 We have discussed further categories and sub-categories for products (e.g. cobblers and tailors combined for repair & upcycling)

Update #44

11. September 2020
  1. 🧭 Have continued through the Business Value Concept with an emphasis on Business Model & Plan.
  2. 🌈 With Co-Lovevolution as the first partner, we can gain initial experience of how we can expand the MVP according to your needs, upload the first products & how we process the payment.
  3. 🎁 Have decided to open the marketplace for services in the field of personal development, spirituality & health.
  4. 💸 The brainstorming about Crypto, DAO & Holochain continued with the question of how far we can integrate it now and how we will use it in the future to promote sustainable developments 🌊
  5. 🧩 Otherwise we have recognized the importance of the data and would like to share it transparently (open data) with the community so that no personal data rights are violated.
  6. 💰With regard to financing, we have worked out different models depending on the category & organization: 1. Build up an income stream by personalizing the marketplace presence / webshop & with co-applications with partners and supplement it with a subscription system.
  7. 🗺 Plan: As soon as the MVP & the videos are ready, we can enter into partnerships to jointly develop the marketplace according to the needs.

To do:

  1. 🏁 Make a list of organizations per category without an online shop
  2. 🌊 Co-create the proposal with Co-Lovevolution
  3. 📹 Video production: prepare a shooting list
  4. 📄 Summarize the business value concept more aesthetically & continue working on it with a focus on finance & funding, magic sauce & competitive positioning – as well as thinking about subscription systems

Update #43

9. September 2020
  1. 🔨 The current status of the prototype is available at https://www.yourgatsby.de. Tibor & Isabel added the registration process from the company profile, the sharing of a product on the marketplace and the card 🌊


  1. Program the Products & Organization page
  2. Store code generation CSS / HTML of all work flows on Google Drive
  3. 🖌 Design a template based on your needs with Co-Lovevolution
  4. 🏁 Set up the Trello board for development
  5. 🤝 Make a list of organizations per category that do not have an online shop
  6. Make 🌊Blog Design Draft

Update #42

5. September 2020

📱 1. We first got an idea of ​​Lightwave’s existing communication channels (social media, photos & videos).

🌊 2. We then discussed adding a blog to it in order to make our concept clearer with entries.

❤️ 3. This is intended to make it easier for new people to enter the Lightwave ecosystem & community as well as access to information about the sustainable marketplace.

💡 4. The blog also serves to record our ideas for ourselves and to enable the user / reader to vote on further developments.

🖌 5. The next steps are to integrate the blog on our website and then find a structure (categories etc.) & design together.

✍️ 6. Otherwise, whoever wants to can start with blog entries & save it for himself first.

📹 7. On Monday we set out on a storyboard for a video production, where we present the process (order-> delivery, order -> pick-up & voting -> impact) of the user.

Update #41

1. September 2020

🗺 1. You can find the current version of the prototype at https://www.yourgatsby.de 🙂 Tibor & Isabel continue programming on the back-end & UI. With the main focus on the map

🖼 2. At https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Lg6ympRs6NSWM-EQI1pONwRSSCKTWk1m?usp=sharing I store the original files of the images & icons from the MVP

🛒 3. Have discussed the technical possibility that we can establish a connection between the individual online shop and the simultaneous appearance on our marketplace

🌊 4. We also discussed something about strategic and financial opportunities: Among other things, to set up our own pillar as an online shop service provider parallel to fundraising at foundations – Then we got the DAO from Lightwave (https://client.aragon.org/# / lightwave) including the presentation to get a feel for what a participatory budget can look like. With the idea that we can better convince organizations & end customers to create together

Update #40

7. July 2020

We started with our first tech call #1 of Lightwave

Update #39

1. July 2020

Isabel and Johannes met during a networking meeting of Transition Towns in the DACH region. One day later, Johannes Isa introduced Lightwave in more detail.

Update #38

21. April 2020

Lightwave is founded! Present are: Ronel Baumgartner, Laura Schneiter, Raphael Seebacher & Johannes Kübel